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released May 19, 2011



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Damaged Goods Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Bad Apples
I've seen the foundation you built slowly breaking.
I've seen the message you taught swiftly decaying.
One man torn apart by two different lives.
One side addiction/disease. The other a lie.

And I can't forgive. And I can't forget.

The woman you left alone for your life of ease.
Well now as she drowns in your debt peace is the last life she'll see.

The strength that left you will someday leave me to.
But it hasn't yet.

Like father. Like son.
Track Name: Retracing
You're as broken as the surface where you're snorting that shit
"Just keep it away and I'll try to forget"
Is what I've told myself too many times
So stick to sniffing your lines and I'll keep drawing mine

We may have a history but that doesn't mean shit to me
Track Name: Conscience Unclean
You left me this curse when you left in a hearse
An everyday struggle that can't be reversed
So I keep fighting to smash this through
Doin' everything I can to not be like you

You're words of wisdom were like a gun to my head
By the smell of your breath it's Russian Roulette
How could you have been so fucking selfish
Leaving the ones you love so fucking helpless
And the distance between us could never stitch these wounds
From the son you left alone too soon
So now you stand on trial to give your excuse
Of how you got caught in the aybss of abuse

So now you have answered for all the wrong you've done
Redemption denied to you god in the sky
Should've thought twice
Track Name: Departed
So sick of living a life of lies
So tired of waiting for my d-mize
So through with thinking the friends who died
That they were the ones who got it right

But now I can see a life of regret is what you've started
And now I believe that side of me has departed

To you life is a gamble and you're shooting six's
But you're drowning in the filth of all your riches
So you can keep praying to the night sky
But dark and emptiness is all you'll ever find

So I beg for the grace and I ask for the mercy
To be cleansed from sin and granted the serenity
To my brothers keeper on my devils bed
There's only one question I have to ask
Do you recognize the difference?